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How er support our retailers

How We Support Our Retailers

* We have a consumer-friendly website that directs visitors to local retailers in their area. Our website is #1 on Google, and easy to find. That makes it easier for consumers to find a local retailer, even Retailers that don’t have an online presence.

*We create postcards for our retailers to send out to their local consumers.

*We provide high-resolution images for retailers so that they can use them on their own website to help sell the collectibles.

*When a consumer calls our consumer hotline looking for a product, we check with their local retailers in their area and offer them a chance to purchase from us and direct the consumer to that retailer, virtually guaranteeing the sale.

*We have signing events to help support retailers that qualify.

*We NEVER sell directly to consumers, so we aren’t competing with our retailers.

*We only sell to retail stores with a physical store, to help protect the exclusivity of our collectibles.

*We have videos of tips and techniques to help retailers best display and market our collectibles.

*We have a mobile responsive website that enables retailers to shop and replenish their inventory anytime, even when they’re on the go from the comfort and convenience of their phone, iPads, and tablets.


*We invest a substantial amount of time and financial resources each year for consumers that fill out their registration cards. They receive calendars, postcards, and catalogs so they know what new collectibles are available
Our “consumer hotline” 1-877-XMAS-MAGIC is available 5 days a week, and affords the opportunity to directly help collectors and gaining valuable insight.

*We send special consumer editions of our catalogs at key times around the year to registered collectors.

*We’re active on social media and collaborate with other artists and collectors to create new and exciting products.

*We donate a substantial amount of time money each year to help and support local and national charities because it is the right thing to do and to help create emotional connections with our brand. Find out more about those charities here.
Mark appears on TV and radio programs to help build the Mark Roberts branding.

*We have newsletter campaigns that send out emails to consumers to build excitement and help them keep up to date with all of our new collectibles.

*Our YouTube channels have videos that market directly to consumers to help them decorate their home, tree, and projects with our products.
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